A foot in the door for Geelong’s career seekers

Geelong’s retrenched workforce and careers seekers of all ages often find it difficult to find an inspiring experience that introduces them to the world of work in a new industry.

The opportunity for an immersion experience over a short period, with exposure to new skills, new understanding and others’ successful career stories, can be a significant turning point in a career seeker’s search.

Experience for Work is a Talent Community where retrenched workers and career seekers register on line for an inspirational experience of a 21st Century work place.

Experience for Work:
-showcases the region’s top preforming industries and the surprising career opportunities they offer
-enables employers to showcase their industry using the international work inspirations model
helps prepare participants for a rewarding foot in the door with regional industries shaping Geelong’s future

Experience for Work is a central distribution and storage space for all relevant supporting work experience documentation, including:

  • employer expression of interest form
  • participant expression of interest form
  • registration
  • insurance cover
  • ideas for activities
  • guidelines
  • realistic expectations or experience for work

The opportunities canvassed from regional trending industries are carefully selected to showcase the dynamism and diversity of new careers in Geelong industries. These are matched as closely as possible with the likely skills sets and experiences of our regional career changers. A live opportunity feed broadens the range of experience opportunities currently available to the region’s retrenched workers and other career seekers.

The Geelong Careers app links to eight trending regional industries: