Daphne and Experience for Work

Posted: 12th Dec

When Daphne Gibbs answered the voluntary invitation to  help build a  Geelong Careers facebook community, she opened the door to a wide world of real life industry  experience.

"I applied for the opportunity because I am a big fan of Geelong Careers.  I use the app all the time, to help keep me up to date with the region's employment opporutnities.  So I was really excited to help build their Facebook community and help to design their social media campaign." 

So far Daphne has managed to build the Geelong Careers facebook page up from a post a week, to daily postings, featuring top tips for getting work, doing well at interviews and working with your indvidual strengths.  Daphne is currently running a career seekers poll which will find out what kind of support Geelong Career seekers most want.  The best reponse will win a half hour porfessional careers counselling session .  Geelong Careers is a  free live job link delivering around 500 jobs everyday.  Supporting the Geelong Careers Facebook page Daphne has connected with a whole community of people who live here and want to work and study here.  "It's very rewarding".   Click here to see a photo of Daphne at work with Geelong Careers' MArianne Messer,